Finance Committee

Finance Committee Members

District 1 Paul Tworog Bridgton Town 9/2021 - 8/2024
District 1 Vacant    
District 2 Dustin Ward, Chair New Gloucester Town 9/2021 - 8/2024
District 2 Vacant    
District 3 Bob Vail Cumberland Town  9/2021 - 8/2024
District 3 Vacant    
District 4 Vacant    
District 4 Vacant    
District 5 Vacant    
District 5 Vacant    
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About the Committee

The Cumberland County Finance Committee is mandated by the Cumberland County Charter. The committee is comprised of two representatives from each of the five Commissioner Districts. Representatives are municipally elected officials and may apply to the Finance Committee during the Finance Caucus.

Excerpt From the Charter

  • 5.4 Finance Committee (FC)
    • 5.4.1 Committee Membership: Representatives to the FC shall be municipally elected officials from the Commissioner District in which their municipality resides. Municipally elected officials of each Commissioner District may appoint two (2) representatives to serve on the FC for a three (3) year term; a representative shall not serve more than two consecutive terms. No municipality shall have more than one representative unless it serves more than one half (½) of a District's population. A District Commissioner may appoint representatives to fill FC vacancies occurring 120 calendar days prior to the commencement of the Board's fiscal year. A FC vacancy shall immediately occur when representatives no longer qualify for membership.
    • 5.4.2 Finance Committee Meetings: On the call of the County Commissioners or at least 90 calendar days prior to the commencement of the fiscal year, the FC shall meet. The FC shall select a chairman from its full membership. It shall also appoint such other officers as it may deem necessary and create such sub-committees as may be necessary to perform its duties.
  • 5.5 General Budget Procedures: The County Commissioners shall present their preliminary budget to the FC with dispatch and at least fifty five (55) business days prior to the end of their fiscal year. The budget shall also present a 3 year estimated revenue projection. The County, through the Board, shall provide the Committee with all the reasonable resources necessary to scrutinize the budget, transparency being the imperative. The FC shall act on the budget with dispatch and take action no later than thirty (30) business days prior to the end of the County's fiscal year or the Board's preliminary budget shall be considered FC endorsed. Upon receipt of the FC's provisional Budget and at least ten (10) business days prior to the end of the County's fiscal year, the Commission shall adopt their final budget. The Board may modify and reinstate any and all of the proposed FC's changes by a recorded majority vote of a full Board; the Board shall provide written definitive reasons to the public for their revisions.

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