James H Gailey 

James H. Gailey
County Manager

Alex Kimball

Alex Kimball
Deputy Manager, Finance & Administration


  • Implement the Board of County Commissioner's policies
  • Represent the interests of the county with other governmental agencies and groups
  • Provide leadership to the departments to achieve the organization's goals and objectives
  • Administration of ARPA funds and projects

County Manager

The County Manager is responsible for the day-to-day administrative operations of Cumberland County government and all of its departments, agencies and staff. The County Manager advises the Board of Commissioners on policy matters; implements policies established by the board; and provides facts and data on county government to other governmental agencies, the state legislature, interested groups and individuals.

Deputy Manager for Finance and Administration

The Deputy Manager provides assistance with the day-to-day management of the County. As the Finance Officer, the Deputy Manager works with the County Manager and all relevant departments to draft the annual budget; manages and negotiates contracts; oversees audits and approves all financial transactions and manages the County Finance Department

Director of Public Affairs

The Director of Public Affairs is the primary point of contact for external functions of the County. The Director leads a broad range of critical efforts including state and federal policymaking, major special project development, grant management and support, and public and media relations. The Director of Public Affairs represents the County Manager and commissioners in local, regional and statewide meetings, and serves as the liaison to area business, non-profit, municipal and education groups as well as affiliated County partners and other entities.

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