Public Process

County Process for Administering ARPA Funds

  • Identify County needs - May/June 2021
    • Cumberland County staff will perform an audit of losses to Cumberland County 
    • County staff will identify further response measures necessary to the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Identify short term qualified regional needs and issues - Summer/Fall 2021
    • Open public comment through County web site
    • Meetings with municipal leadership, state legislators
    • Meetings with industry experts and service providers
    • Meetings with Maine State department leadership
    • Public meeting(s) for comment to County Commissioners
    • Release pre-application for competitive funds
    • Assemble volunteer committee to review applications
    • Invite qualified pre-application filers to complete full application

  • Begin distribution of award funding - Winter 2021/2022
    • Review panel scores applications, makes funding recommendation with support from County staff.
    • First round of competitive funds released

  • Identify medium-long term regional needs and issues - Ongoing
    • Continue to seek input from stakeholders on further investment
    • Continue to seek public comment through web portal
    • Continue to update and seek input from County Commissioners in public meetings
    • Complete future rounds of competitive funding

Public Engagement Process and Milestones

ARPA Advisory Committee
Advisory committee for Cumberland County, ARPA

ARPA Reporting
ARPA Documents submitted to the US Department of Treasury.

Public Application for ARPA Funds

RFP & ARPA Projects
Redirect to the County's RFP Listing