Emergency Management Agency


Since 1954, the Cumberland County Emergency Management Agency (CCEMA) has provided comprehensive disaster management services to the communities in Cumberland County. While our County and the challenges it faces have changed since then, CCEMA's mission of building resilience in the face of disaster is as active as ever.  

Emergency management is a field that intersects many other disciplines. Disasters are a time when disciplines must come together, whether it's emergency response agencies, nonprofits, or even private industry. We take our role as "bridge builders" between disciplines seriously. 

Whatever your role in the community, you play a part during times of disaster. We hope you'll find more information here to empower and inform you. Don't hesitate to reach out to us at ccema@cumberlandcounty.org or 207-892-6785.

What We Do

The Cumberland County Emergency Management Agency (CCEMA) supports the communities of Cumberland County before, during, and after large-scale disasters. CCEMA is an all-hazards organization, meaning our support is available whether the incident is a fire, flood, terrorist act, public health emergency, or anything in between. 

  • Before a disaster CCEMA supports communities with planning for an event and mitigating its impacts.
  • When disaster strikes, CCEMA provides a vital "surge capacity" to specialized, leading agencies, typically fire and police departments. WE provide planning, logistical, and organizational expertise to manage the complexity that comes with a large event.
  • After a disaster, CCEMA is a conduit for the recovery and rebuilding process by connecting towns and the public to State and Federal resources. 

Our Mission

To build resiliency in our communities by championing preparedness, response, and partnership. 

Resilient communities are:

  • prepared for all types of disasters
  • able to respond effectively
  • recover/bounce back quickly and fully
Some of the diverse communities we serve include:

  • County, municipal, and local government
  • State and Federal partners
  • Emergency response agencies
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Religious and social communities
  • Business partners
  • Groups with a particular vulnerability to disaster impacts

Our Vision

To be a sought-after resource in making a safer future for our communities. 

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