District Attorney


By law, the District Attorney prosecutes all criminal cases (except murders, which are handled by the Attorney General) which occur within that district.

Maine is divided into 8 prosecutorial districts. Cumberland County is District 2, and because Cumberland County has about 300,000 residents, it is a district all by itself.

All District Attorneys are elected by the citizens of their districts, serve 4-year terms, and are required by law to reside in Cumberland County.

Office & Courts

We are located in the Cumberland County Courthouse at 142 Federal Street in Portland, Maine. The majority of our criminal cases are filed in the Portland Unified Court, formerly known as the Portland Superior Court. However, we also hold office hours 2 days a month in the West Bath Courthouse and 1 day a month in the Bridgton District Court.

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Prosecuting Teams

We are an office of 51 people and together we offer many decades of experience in criminal law. We handle approximately 10,000 cases per year.

We are divided into prosecuting teams each having a combination of Assistant District Attorneys (ADAs) also called prosecutors and assistants. Each team has a dedicated specialized Assistant District Attorney to handle domestic violence matters.