County Commissioners


Maine Counties and Board of Commissioners

Maine counties are governed by the Board of County Commissioners who are each elected by their county district for a four year term.  The county's districts are determined and established by the Maine State Apportionment Commission. Once elected, each Commissioner serves a four year term and may serve a maximum of three terms. As permitted by Maine Statute, county voters may opt to adopt a charter to govern their County operations. Cumberland County adopted a county charter in 2011. Per State law, the Board of Commissioners is required to adopt the annual county budget. The Cumberland County budget and approval process is governed by it's charter and bylaws. Once the County budget is adopted, a tax assessment is apportioned to it's municipalities based on the most recent state evaluation per MSRA Title 30-A, §706.

Role of Board of Cumberland County Commissioners

The Board is comprised of five commissioners who are elected for a four year term by their County District. The Board’s operations are conducted through committee and Board meetings, which are open to the public.  In 2022, the Board approved the change of the budget cycle to switch from a calendar year cycle to a fiscal year cycle. Prior to the budget being finalized and adopted, the budget as recommended by the County Manager must be reviewed and approved by the Finance Committee. The annual budget process allows the Board to assess county operations for both efficiency and effectiveness. The Board provides representation on numerous boards and committees furthering the goal of inter-agency cooperation.
Commissioners by District
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