Register of Probate / Probate Court

The Probate Court staff consists of a Deputy Register, legal secretary and three probate clerks who support all functions of the Registry and Probate Court, and who maintain and record all probate document filings.

While we are proud of the excellent customer service provided by our staff, the probate clerks cannot give legal advice.  If you require legal assistance or advice, please contact an attorney.

Please submit application materials via mail, fax, or email to: 

Registry of Probate
142 Federal Street, Suite 125
Portland, Maine 04101

Probate Court
First Name Last Name Position Email Phone
Erica Rickards Deputy Register (207) 871-8382 .ext 3300
Michele Chason Adult Guardianship/Conservatorship Clerk (207) 871-8382 .ext 3302
Angel Dufour Informal Estate Clerk (207) 871-8382 .ext 3305
Alex Foltz Assistant Adult Guardianship/Conservatorship Clerk (207) 871-8382 .ext 3306
Lindsay Rowe Scala Legal Assistant (Adoptions and Name Changes) (207) 871-8382 .ext 3303
Joy Keirstead Minor Guardianship/Conservatorship Clerk (207) 871-8382 .ext 3311