Current Funded Projects

Competitive Application Action Plans & Funding Allocations for Tranche 1

2022 Application Tiers

Cumberland County has committed more than $11 million toward regional projects and non-profits.

Cumberland County has begun to announce plans to invest funds dedicated to the region under the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) toward significant projects that will have a lasting effect on challenges facing our region, and empower the agencies, non-profits and businesses in the region who are working to improve equity, fairness and opportunity for people across Cumberland County. Investments are listed below, by category.

Current Funded Projects




Habitat For Humanity

$ 2,600,000

New Home Build Program - funding will support the construction 
of twenty, energy-efficient, single-family homes, for low-income 
first-time homebuyers. The homes will be located in
South Portland and Standish.


Westbrook Housing Authority


Stacey M. Symbol Apartments - Funding will support the development 

of 60 newly constructed affordable apartments reserved for seniors 

earning at or below 50% and 60% of Area Median Income (AMI). 

The goal of the project is to help alleviate rising costs of housing within 

the local market that have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Westbrook Housing Authority


The Stroudwater Apartments- Funds will support the creation of 55 newly 

constructed affordable apartments reserved for seniors earning at or 

below 50% and 60% of Area Median Income (AMI). Creating more 

long-term affordable housing options for seniors will relieve both short-term 

and long-term strains on the system to allow people to live stably and safely 

for years to come. 


Avesta Housing


Seavey Street - Funds will help acquire a 2.5+ acre parcel in Westbrook, ME. 

The parcel is located on Seavey Street, on the site of an old rail line, and 

is within a qualified census tract (QCT). Avesta will develop 60+ units of 

affordable housing on the site with all units restricted to 60% of AMI or below. 

The units will be all one-bedroom units; the target population will be 

older-adults 55+. This development is part of a larger effort to reinvigorate 

an infill site in the heart of Downtown.

Avesta Housing


Village Commons - funds will to help acquire a .44+ acre parcel in 

Scarborough, ME. Avesta will develop 31 units of affordable senior 

housing on the site. There will be 30 one-bedroom units and one efficiency 

in a three-story elevator building. The units will be restricted to older adults,

 55+ and all units will be affordable, reserved for individuals or couples 

earning less than or equal to 60% of AMI. A further 19 of these units will be 

set aside for individuals or couples earning less than or equal to 50% of AMI. 

All utilities are included in the rent helping to ensure affordability by reducing 

the burden of housing expenses. 

Youth and Family Outreach


Building a Brighter Future - funding will support an expansion of the existing 

childcare facility, that will include affordable housing above to support the 

overhead of the daycare. The funds will be used for the construction portion 

of the development.

Avesta Housing


Meadowview II - funds will help acquire a 7+ acre parcel in Gray, ME. Avesta

will develop 27 units of affordable housing on the site, with all units restricted to

60% of AMI or below. This development is part of a larger effort to reinvigorate

an existing affordable housing site and create a campus atmosphere in the Village

Center of Gray. The addition of these 27 units to the existing campus of 20 senior

units will also allow Avesta to bring more scale to this site and will make community

services more comprehensive and readily available.

Quality Housing Coalition


Growing Project HOME - the Project HOME model relies on a damage guarantee 

for each unit rented. Funds will support a pilot rental insurance approach that 

would eliminate the need for QHC to back each rental with cash. Funds 

would support 100 rental insurance policies per year, for three years.


Current Funded Projects2




Preble Street


Food Security Hub - funds will help to refurbish and to convert the existing Food Security Hub space to a commercial production and processing kitchen, which will involve both construction build-out and foodservice equipment purchases. The move from the former office building cafeteria kitchen only supported 40-60 meals a day, the current space allows for an increase in production to 1,400 meals per day out of the space. 

Portland Recovery  Community Center


Building Hope and Creating Community - Funding will support a building renovation that makes existing space COVID-19 friendly and thereby allows for expanded services. The building renovation  will allow more people affected by addiction to receive effective in-person recovery support despite COVID-19.

The Maine Recovery Fund


A ride to work - The program supports employment and integrative services  for people in Cumberland County recovering from substance use disorder,  reentering from jail and prison, new Americans, and returning veterans facing  reentry obstacles. ARPA funds will pay for transportation costs, such as bus passes, Uber, or taxi services.

Current Funded Projects3




City of Portland, Maine


Portland has committed to a new $25 million Homeless Services Center  with on?site food, medical, counseling and transit services on the  Westbrook/Portland line, which will continue to serve people experiencing  homelessness. The project is an expansion of the city’s existing program,  with a new approach to provide complete wraparound on?site food, medical,  counseling and transit services.

Tedford Housing


The organization is planning to construct a new sixty four-bed emergency  housing building in Brunswick that will serve individual adults and families  experiencing homelessness. The new building will include twenty four adult  shelter beds and ten family apartment?style units.

Tedford Housing


The second Tedford Housing project will conduct a significant study of people  experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity in the Lakes Region of  Cumberland County, including the towns of Baldwin, Casco, Bridgton,  Harrison, Naples, Raymond, and Sebago.