Victim Compensation

If you have suffered monetary losses as a direct result of a crime, upon notification of your loss, we will ask the judge to order the defendant to pay you back as part of the sentence. This is called restitution.

Receiving Restitution

You should receive the necessary forms to fill out about your losses after the defendant has been charged.  Restitution is for any “out of pocket” loss, meaning that unlike in civil cases, you cannot receive money for “pain and suffering,” “mental anquish,” or “loss of consortium.” In addition, if you have insurance coverage that is awarded, you will not receive the insurance money and the restitution.

Please note: The decision to order restitution is completely up to the judge, who will order restitution only after finding that the defendant has an ability to pay it.

Victims' Compensation Board

The purpose of the board is to reimburse victims for their losses, whether or not the defendant is ultimately found guilty. For more information and assistance, you can contact us or the board directly through the information provided. This board is funded by a surcharge on all criminal fines collected.

Victims may also contact the Victims' Compensation Board for help. 

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