Current Program Objectives

VIP Program Objectives

  • Strengthen coordinated legal system response to domestic violence through specialized DV prosecutors, Probation Officer, and Pretrial Case Manager, risk assessment tools, and the High Risk Response Team
  • Participate in the Domestic Violence Court Case Coordination Project to coordinate civil and criminal dockets, and judicial monitoring
  • Continue to implement use of evidence-based risk assessment tools, including the Ontario Domestic Assault Risk Assessment, (ODARA) and the High Risk Response Team
  • Partner with leaders in refugee and immigrant communities to increase outreach to victims, including support for language line and interpretation services
  • Provide Enhanced Police Intervention Collaboration (EPIC) services to high risk victims of domestic abuse to ensure continued support and protection 
  • Enhance support, advocacy and re-entry planning for incarcerated victims of domestic violence in partnership with community agencies
  • Enhance collaboration with Sexual Assault Services of Southern Maine and provide sexual assault advocacy services and outreach to multicultural communities
  • Promote advocacy and outreach to victims of trafficking, stalking, and domestic and sexual abuse
  • Improve services to people who are older and those with disabilities
  • Promote and organize training for law enforcement and healthcare providers on topics such as response to non-fatal strangulation and risk assessment
  • Strengthen our coordinated community response by evaluating our use of risk assessment system-wide, and through survivor surveys 
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