Municipal HR Services

Many communities  have expressed that County Human Resource services would be a benefit to their organization as they lack a designated staff person or resources to tackle complex HR issues in-house.  With Federal and State employment laws ever changing, many communities have a difficult time keeping up on the latest laws or best practices in the field.


The County offers a variety of HR services through the Human Resources Office.  Our team is available to answer questions or provide guidance on the following topics: 

  • Human Resource Generalized Employment Questions

  •  Personnel Management - Discipline - Due Process - Workplace Behavior - Performance 

  •  FMLA, Workers Comp, ADA, Extended Leave of Absences – guidance, spreadsheet-tracking model 

  • Workplace Investigations Guidance –Consultation - Conduct

  •  Wage & Hour – Fair Labor Standards – Withholdings – Getting Pay Right

  • Employee Resources – HR Checklists

Contact Amy Jennings, Director of Human Resources 207-775-6809 or Email

Additional HR services may be provided to the cities/towns depending on the level of need and time commitment. At this time, we are gauging interest and have not opted to work from a fee-based system with the exception of those services taking a significant amount of staff time (i.e. conducting and reporting on an internal investigation).