Prosecuting Teams

All teams of the District Attorney's Office may be reached by 207-871-8384. The receptionists will direct your call to the appropriate person.

We are an office of 51 people and handle approximately 10,000 cases per year. Our offices is divided into prosecuting teams each having a combination of Assistant District Attorneys (ADAs) also called prosecutors and assistants. Each team has a dedicated specialized Assistant District Attorney to handle domestic violence matters. We also administer pre- and post-conviction Diversion Programs for offenders as well as a few public awareness initiatives as the need arises.

For a complete listing of team members, please view our staff directory.

Red Team

Red Team handles all criminal matters for incidents investigated by:

  • Bridgton Police Department
  • Brunswick Police Department
  • Cape Elizabeth Police Department
  • Cumberland Police Department
  • Department of Defense
  • Department of Labor
  • Freeport Police Department
  • Frye Island Police Department
  • Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife
  • Marine Patrol Agency
  • University of Southern Maine Police
  • Westbrook Police Department
  • Windham Police Department
  • Yarmouth Police Department

Purple Team

Purple Team handles all criminal matters for incidents investigated by:

  • Boston & Maine Railroad Police
  • Falmouth Police Department
  • Long Creek Youth Development Center
  • Maine Department of Corrections
  • Maine Drug Enforcement Agency
  • Portland Police Department
  • State of Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles
  • State of Maine Judicial Marshals

Domestic Violence Unit

Domestic Violence Unit handles misdemeanor and felony domestic violence cases.

Domestic violence cases are very sensitive because the perpetrators are often the spouse, former spouse, or significant other of the victim. Domestic violence is a significant danger to public safety and victims, and the District Attorney’s Office is dedicated to address it aggressively, efficiently, effectively, and with the best interests of the victim and public safety in mind.

We established a Domestic Violence Unit in order to give these cases more attention by attorneys and victim assistants who are specially trained and dedicated to handle these cases. The unit handles 1,000 cases per year.

Blue Team

Blue Team handles all criminal matters for incidents investigated by:

  • Cumberland County Sheriff's Department
  • Gorham Police Department
  • Maine Forestry Service
  • Maine State Police
  • Portland Harbor Master
  • Scarborough Police Department
  • South Portland Police Department
  • State Fire Marshall

Juvenile Team

Juvenile Team handles all cases involving offenders who are younger than 18 years old. Because the focus is on rehabilitating the offender all cases are given extensive attention.

Each prosecutor works with the defense attorney, the probation department and other agencies involved with the juvenile. We attempt to come up with the best possible plan for the juvenile while considering the victim’s concerns and public safety.  Each ADA handles 250-300 cases each year.