Juvenile Justice System

The juvenile justice system is designed to focus on rehabilitating the juvenile offender. Below are resources for families and victims to help you gain a better understanding of the players and their roles.

State of Maine Juvenile Services DivisionState of Maine Juvenile Services Division - Maine's Juvenile Services Division under the Department of Corrections is involved in many facets of the Juvenile Justice System, including supervision of youth who have been charged with juvenile offenses, developing policy, and working with community supports for youth.
Juvenile Community Corrections -Region 1Juvenile Probation in Region 1 (Cumberland and York Counties) - Juvenile Community Corrections Officers work with youth and their families to provide Court ordered supervision and support education, treatment and strengthening pro-social behaviors in the community.

Maine Juvenile Justice Advisory Group (JJAG)Juvenile Justice Advisory Group  - This group is comprised of citizens appointed by the Governor to help craft effective responses to the problems of juvenile crime and violence in Maine. The JJAG:

  • Develops a state-wide plan prioritizing efforts to improve the juvenile justice system
  • Manages funds awarded to the state from the federal government
  • Monitors state compliance with national juvenile justice standards
  • Advises state policymakers on juvenile justice issues
Children's Behavioral Health

 Children's Behavioral Health Services - assists youth and their families in coordinating services for youth who are in need of treatment to address mental health concerns and other disabilities.

Before, during, or after a juvenile gets involved in the juvenile justice system there are a number of state and private agencies whose mission it is to nurture children and help them and their families realize their fullest potential.

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